Appy Pie API Introduces In-App Customer Loyalty Cards

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Cloud-based mobile app builder Appy Pie launches Loyalty Program API with an objective to help small business owners capitalize on the value of repeat customers by rewarding them on each purchase. The in-app customer loyalty card is now available for all categories of Appy Pie and is the new shiny weapon that will enable merchants to build reward programs with loyalty cards for customers to use on their mobile device.

In this program, customers will have the loyalty card on their smartphone, so they don't have to carry the card separately. To redeem the offer, the customer will simply redeem the offer by getting his Coupon validated by a Unique Code, available only to the app owner or the merchant.

This video will demonstrate how merchants will be able to add a full blown Loyalty Program in their app:

"The concept of building customer loyalty programs isn't new to businesses, but what is new is the art of integrating loyalty programs within a mobile app. The combination of these two factors make a loyalty program a perfect marketing and brand-building tool for a brick-and-mortar business, which allows them to keep track of customer spending behavior and tailor their offers accordingly," said Abhinav Girdhar, Founder Appy Pie.

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