Appy Pie Launches In-App Purchase API

As the ever-growing mobile industry moves to include every type of experience, customer interaction with these mobile services is constantly changing. And with many of these experiences being paid-for services, the way that consumers pay is changing too, according to a recent press release on Virtual-Strategy Magazine’s website.

The cloud-based mobile apps builder Appy Pie has been helping people with little or no technical knowledge develop apps with their simple drag-and-drop interface. Their latest addition to this service is an API for In-App Purchasing (IAP), which will allow users to sell digital content, such as music albums or magazine subscriptions, from within their apps.

“Imagine a developer of a nutrition and fitness app can now offer their customers the ability to purchase workout programme available as an E-book or Video. It offers the customer a more relevant experience and provides the developer with a new source of revenue,” said Abhinav Girdhar, Founder of Appy Pie.

This is a big development for Appy Pie users, but its genius lies in the fact that customers using the billing service will be presented with the familiar purchase flows of either Google Play or iTunes. This is down to the API removing the need for the application to directly process any financial transactions, leaving the same backend purchase process that customers are used to.

This new API uses a JSON Web Token (JWT) to represent items that can be purchased. This promises easy integration, fast checkout and secure payments.

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Appy Pie Launches In-App Purchase API for Selling Digital Content