Appy Pie Launches Video Social Networking API

Appy Pie, cloud-based app builder, has launched a Video Social Networking API. The API enables app builders and developers to create complete video sharing social networking apps. The API hosts video clips online and creates a social network around the videos. Users can maintain profiles and follow other users. 

"Millions of connected smartphone cameras that now have the bandwidth to seamlessly share video is unprecedented and inspiring. Video Social Networking API was created to empower expression and engagement through users generated videos & images," Appy Pie Founder Adhinav Girdhar said in a press release.

The API supports video clips up to 30 seconds long from a smartphone camera. Once the video is captured, users can apply filters, publish to a user's wall, and more. Users can "like" videos and post comments on others' videos. Sharing videos on Facebook and Twitter is seamless.

Appy Pie continues to expand its capabilities as the fastest growing DIY mobile app builder. A continued dedication to API development has expanded app capabilities for almost all industries. Video and social networking are essential elements of today's mobile and web environments. Accordingly, the Video Social Networking API should continue to give Appy Pie a competitive advantage in the app builder market.   

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