APS Financial Launches Cashplus Transaction API

APS Financial announced the launch of a transaction API through its payment card provider, Cashplus. The API targets clients in the SME space where demand for simple online services continues to increase. The API is initially open to existing APS Financial partners. However, the API is compliant with the Open Banking Initiative.

"Our long-standing partners will be the first to fully benefit from the extensive transaction data held within our API," APS Financial CEO, Rich Wagner, commented in a press release. "In addition to allowing more efficient reporting for their clients, these partners will work with us to further refine it for wider use. We're really excited about this launch and can't wait to roll out our API to the wider developer market, including over 100 existing partners who have already expressed an interest."

Because the company has already experienced significant demand, APS launched a registration process through Cashplus.io to capture and respond to current and future interest for existing and future APIs. Wagner added that the new API is one step on a larger roadmap. Wagner anticipates launching additional APIs for the banking industry throughout 2017.

The API is RESTful and is delivered to users through a Swagger interface. The structure allows Cashplus to publish middleware operations and usage Documentation for simple consumption on the client side. The services are grouped into vertical business domain areas. For more details, check out the Cashplus Sandbox.

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