Arduino To Host Virtual Conference to Battle COVID-19 Today (April 2, 2020)

Arduino, maker of credit-card sized computers that are easily adapted in Internet-of-Things (IoT) fashion to standalone analog or digital devices, has put out a call to all developers, researchers, doctors, academics, IT pros and other innovators to join a virtual conference today (April 2, 2020) on battling COVID-19 with Arduinos. For example, building Arduino-based ventilators. 

The conference starts at 11am ET and will rely on Zoom’s conferencing technology to broadcast the various sessions that are on the agenda. Interested parties can also use a Discord-based backchannel to communicate with one another before and during the event. 

Anyone with an Arduino-inspired COVID-19 project in mind will be given 5 minutes to present their ideas. Innovators looking to present will need to fill out a Google Docs-based form that describes the project idea, its current state of completion (if any), and who if anyone is supporting the project. 

As part of the company’s invitation to the event, Arduino co-founders Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles have published an open letter to the Arduino community in which they say they are willing to help in any way their small company can, including the donation of hardware and engineering support.   

"We want to invite as many of these projects as possible to an online gathering, to get people talking, to offer help on how to design and make hardware, how to think about the software, and how to scale manufacturing (we would like to share our knowledge in making tens of thousands of open-source boards per week)” the letter says. "Finally and most importantly, we must take guidance from medical professionals so that they can steer requirements and validate the designs so our efforts have the most positive impact.”

The organization is also looking for medical professionals and lawyers to offer expert advice to help guide anyone looking to battle COVID-19 with the Arduino Platform. Interested parties can send email to

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