ArenaNet Announces Guild Wars 2 APIs and App Development Contest

ArenaNet has announced the availability of Guild Wars 2 authenticated account APIs (beta version), which developers can use with their GW2 third-party Web applications. ArenaNet has also announced the Overwolf Guild Wars 2 App Challenge, an application development contest that gives developers a chance to win cash and prizes for creating innovative and engaging Guild Wars 2 applications.


Guild Wars 2 is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the fantasy world of Tyria. Last year, ProgrammableWeb reported that new Guild Wars 2 APIs, including authenticated APIs that use GW2 character and account information, were in development. ArenaNet has just released a beta version of the authenticated Guild Wars 2 account APIs. These APIs support OAuth 2.0 and provide four basic pieces of information:

  • The user's GW2 account verification
  • The user's account ID (not the game account ID)
  • The user's account name
  • The user's world ID (which can be used to correlate to /v2/worlds)

ArenaNet has also announced that it has partnered with Overwolf to organize the Overwolf Guild Wars 2 App Challenge. The goal of the contest is to encourage developers to build beautifully designed and engaging applications using the Guild Wars 2 API along with the Overwolf API. Developers have until May 15 to sign up and submit their Guild Wars 2 applications. Developers who have built the best applications will have a chance to win from a pool of prizes that include a Plantronics RIG headset and the GW2 Collector's Edition. The contest also features cash prizes that total $15,000 shared among three categories: General, Competitive and Player Experience. The winners of the Overwolf Guild Wars 2 App Challenge will be announced on June 1.

For more information about the Guild Wars 2 API, read the official documentation. To learn more about the Overwolf Guild Wars 2 App Challenge, visit the official contest page.

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