Argus Media's Fundalytics: Making Sure the Energy Price is Right

The Argus Fundalytics API uses REST to provide access to the Argus Media Fundalytics data on energy that is updated every 10 minutes. Requests are limited to 1,000 per hour.

Independent and privately held UK based Argus Media offers 3 main services: Events, publications (over 100) and data services, and consulting. The main energy sources the company covers are crude oil, refined petroleum, coal and natural gas. With a team of over 200 commodity journalists (out of a staff of 450), Argus Media is committed to delivering timely reports on pricing and inventory of fossil fuels as well as market commentary news and business intelligence. According to a press release, Argus Media just launche an index onSouth East Asian LNG prices.

"The ASEA index is designed to offer the LNG industry a reliable price indication for cargoes for delivery to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, trading 6-12 weeks before the date of delivery."

Focused in part on pricing and predicting pricing, Argus Media looks at everything from Turkish power and gas trading to electricity forecasting in Europe. The results care used in spot and term pricing, risk analysis and management, and mark-to-market and strategic planning.

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