ARK Announces V2 All-in-One Blockchain API

ARK, an all-in-one blockchain solution, has announced a v2 API "that links up networks of blockchains from any part of the world onto a unified ecosystem."

The API is based on ARK's SmartBridge technology, which aims to to connect blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, together and facilitate communication between them, allowing participants in multiple networks to use them seamlessly.

According to ARK, the ARK API v2 is based on Node.JS and RESTful. The first version of its API was not RESTful. 

One of the primary problems ARK is trying to solve with its new API is that other APIs could be overwhelmed by requests, making them vulnerable to DDoS attacks. While the ARK API v2 is not a replacement for DDoS mitigation, it does contain throttling functionality and will soon offer drivers for popular caching solutions such as Redis and Memcached, which will help improve performance under higher loads.

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