Arrivedo API Empowers Hotels with Localized Experience and Content Materials

Arrivedo recently announced an API that gives hotels the ability to curate and suggest local content and experiences for guests. Hotels can pull from Arrivedo's content of stories, routes, maps, places, photos and videos to create hotel-specific packages, guides, etc. Hotels can create and share their Arrivedo-powered marketing materials through websites, emails, in-room smart devices, mobile apps, training materials, and more.

"Hotels are reinventing their relationships with guests," Alonso Franco, Arrivedo CEO, said to Statupbeat. "There is more focus on personalized content, experiences and the importance of being a great host is growing. That is why we are raising our game and launching our API that will help hotel groups and brands offer quality content and an even more in-depth experience with guests."

Arrivedo wants to empower hotels to become local experts when they host guests. The company now offers personalized neighborhood guides for hotels in over 250 cities. With over 1,000 hotels now using its services, the company is on its way to achieving its goal. Arrivedo calls many major hotel brands customers including Marriott, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Belmond, and Wyndhams.

API access starts at $40 per month. Hotels can choose a white label option for $100 per month. Public Documentation is not currently available. To learn more, visit Arrivedo's hotel-groups site.

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