Asana's First API is Out in The wild

Asana, Silicon Valley’s celebrity task management and productivity service, recently launched it’s long awaited, Asana APIThis initial API looks like a small step in the right direction. It’s designed in a RESTful structure, and provides simple access to Asana’s basic functionality. There’s nothing out of the ordinary for the moment but, Asana assured us that this is just the start of their Platform initiative.

Some expected to see interesting work in the real-time space, with all their hype around the site’s real-time functionality and their Luna framework. For now, they’re just testing the waters - but that’s what you’d expect from a company with Eric Reis as an advisor.

The current API is missing many items considered obvious for the regular crowd of API developers, such as OAuth The Asana team acknowledged those limitations, and has a list of new clear enhancements for the future. However, aside from standard pieces like Oauth, the team remains open to use cases, and after gathering feedback, intends to pursue developer features that are more out of the ordinary.

Although the Asana team has no specific plans for the future, the team clearly wants to go beyond the obvious API enhancements, and make the platform another point of innovation for the company. Asana’s site, openly advertising its most frequent customer requests, alludes to the addition of Webhooks in the near-future. I was also told of an improved means of querying in their API as a highly likely area of enhancement. The Asana team recognizes that a basic API, while vital, will just be one piece if tasks are to truly become the central point of activity.

To our liking, Asana has taken a pretty liberal stance on its rules of use. API access is easy to obtain for anyone interested in development, and app development is permitted for pubclic distribution, or personal use, or company use. A few sample applications are available, but I'm sure they can use more...

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