Ask The Right Person, Get The Right Answer

Asking questions online is common practice these days, and for most queries we are able to get basic answers and insight from forums, blogs, search engines and interest groups. But what about those answers we have no way of getting? How does one access that truly valuable business information that could help to resolve a make or break issue? The Mancx API may help solve the problem.

Mancx is an information trading Platform aimed at connecting users with the best business answers available. The platform enables users to meet, engage and share information directly while earning money from their valuable knowledge.

Mancx CEO Henrik Dillman says,

"The best person to solve an issue or answer an important question might not be in your network or even in the same country. Mancx gives you a new way to acquire and share valuable business answers."

Here's how it works:

  • Ask - users can ask questions and receive answers from professionals in any industry around the world. Some answers can be obtained for free and some can be purchased and delivered in the user's choice of digital format.
  • Answer - Professionals can earn from their knowledge without risk or hassle. They have the option of creating their own knowledge accounts and charging accordingly, or simply sharing their information for free.
  • Society - Mancx creates the platform for people all over the world to connect directly, share vital knowledge and generally do better business.

Mancx provides a P2P platform that is open for application developers, covering everything from posting requests, previews, negotiations, delivery, payment, guarantees, sales tax, invoicing and income taxation. The Mancx API allows developers to build trading applications for any digital content.

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