Atlassian Adds Asset Management API to Jira Service Desk

Atlassian has announced a new Asset Management API that will allow IT teams to more easily store and view asset information in Jira Service Desk. This new API, which will also be available to Jira Core users, should help to cut down on the back and forth between IT agents and end-users when working to resolve device issues.

In the announcement of the new API, Atlassian highlighted the value of the Asset Management API by illustrating the problem:

“For example, when a laptop is constantly rebooting, agents want to know when it was purchased, the model number, OS version, patches applied to it, etc. In addition, they want to be able to pull up a list of previous requests tied to that device.”

Using the new API, all of this asset information can be stored with a simple API call. Admins will have the ability to assign asset types or link a device to a specific user.  The company hopes that this functionality will allow IT teams to resolve issues more quickly while also providing a higher level of care. 

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