Atlassian Announces New Jira Cloud Workflow APIs

Atlassian has recently announced a set of new Jira Cloud workflow APIs that expand the ways that developers can interact with the company’s issue tracking Platform. The new APIs provide users with the ability to create new custom workflow rules, retrieve workflows, and find workflows associated with a set of projects.

Previously the only extensible part of workflows within Jira Cloud was the ability to provide custom workflow post functions, with this release users gain two new Connect modules that enable other types of workflow rules (workflow elements such as conditions, validators, and post-functions). Now in addition to workflow post function, the company has added workflow condition and workflow validator modules. The workflow condition module controls whether a specific user can execute a workflow transition or not, providing greater control over workflow management. The new workflow validator module checks to make sure that inputs are valid before a transition can be performed.

To provide developers with greater control over workflow extensions Atlassian has provided a new REST API for managing workflow rule configurations. The new API will allow developers to retrieve and update all workflow rules at runtime.

Atlassian has also provided a new workflow search API, which allows developers to retrieve any Jira workflow and their transitions. With this new API, users also gain access to workflow statuses and status properties.

Lastly, the company also announced a workflow associations API that will help developers retrieve workflow schemes for a given set of projects. 

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