Atlassian Increases Development Speed with Three New Bitbucket Features

Today, Atlassian announced three new Bitbucket features designed to accelerate the development process. Smart Mirroring, Git LFS, and Projects were all announced last September; however, Atlassian has now shipped the features and they are readily available. Bitbucket, and the three new features, were designed with distributed teams in mind.

"Our developers are spread all over the world, and Bitbucket helps them remain aligned as they build powerful solutions for our customers," Kurt Chase, Splunk Director of Release Engineering, commented in a blog post. "We are very excited about Smart Mirroring in Bitbucket which will not only improve multi-site clone performance but will also increase developer productivity of distributed teams."

Smart Mirroring will improve clone performance across distributed teams. Users access Smart Mirroring within the Bitbucket Data Center. Cloning across remote locations has historically required hours of waiting when repositories build up due to large sets of historical information, monolithic repositories, and large files. Smart Mirroring drastically improves read performance by providing access via a nearby server.

Many software teams currently rely on Git; however, distributed Git was not originally intended to track large binary files. Accordingly, when designers, QA engineers, writers, and developers track large assets (e.g. graphics, videos, etc.), Git often comes up short of optimal performance. Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) addresses these issues, as teams can now track all assets in a single location. Large files are kept in parallel storage and references are stored in the Git repository; so, repositories become smaller and faster.

As teams grow, the number of repositories grows. Eventually, searching for a particular repository becomes unruly. The new Projects feature allows teams to organize repositories in a manner that increases productivity. Projects is available within Bitbucket Server and Data Center. Further, Atlassian revamped its UI for improved searchability.

Bitbucket has arisen as a top tool among development teams, and Atlassian continues to improve its functionality. Check out the blog post announcement for more details.

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