Atlassian Updates Confluence and Jira Cloud APIs for GDPR Compliance

Atlassian recently announced API changes to its Confluence CloudTrack this API and Jira CloudTrack this API APIs to comply with Europe's GDPR privacy regulations. Developers will have until the end of March 2019 to migrate to the updated, GDPR-compliant APIs. Accordingly, Atlassian has started the deprecation period for the older APIs.

The changes are based on privacy requirements under the GDPR. For example, fields like userkey and username will no longer be available when the older APIs are retired. Instead, developers will need to move to the user ID field in requests and responses. This requires replacement functionality; accordingly, developers need to update their code over the next six months.

Atlassian has published Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud migration guides to assist developers with the transition. Further, the company has pinned the topic on in the Developer Community. The Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud threads within the community specifically address this change.

Atlassian has not yet published changes for the Bitbucket Cloud APITrack this API. However, the company anticipates making changes to Bitbucket soon. Stay tuned to Atlassian's Developer Community and blog for updates coming to the Bitbucket Cloud API.

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