Atomize Opens Property Management System with Open Two-Way API

Atomize, a provider of revenue management systems for hotels, has released its open two-way API, making its property management systems (PMSs) accessible to integrations.

According to the company the hotel industry has long suffered from market fragmentation because of outdated technology and poor APIs, which for many years have generated vendor lock-ins. But the industry is going through a transformation where intelligent data-driven, cloud-based solutions are easily accessible.

PMSs lacking their own two-way API can now integrate with Atomize. Atomize API opens up the door for a faster expansion and is well aligned with the objective of making Atomize more accessible to a broader market.

“These days connectivity is king. We are experiencing a solid demand from the market to get access to Atomize and to enable PMSs access to Atomize through our Open 2-way API accelerates the global roll-out to meet this demand.” says Alexander Edström, the CEO of Atomize.

Atomize API is accessible through Swaggerhub, a Platform for open API design and implementation.

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