AT&T Announces New Call Management API, Alpha API Program and Platform Updates

At the AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas, AT&T made several announcements which included the launch of a new Call Management API, the launch of a new Alpha API Program and several AT&T API Platform updates.


Image Credit: AT&T Developer Program Website

WebRTC Based Call Management API

The new AT&T Call Management API is based on WebRTC, an open project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera, that enables web browsers with real-time communications (RTC) capabilities such as voice calling and video chat. The WebRTC based Call Management API is currently in Alpha status and has not yet been added to the AT&T Developer Program website (The API will be available on the site in the near future). However, the Alpha version of the API can be accessed at the AT&T Foundry.

Alpha API Program

The new Alpha API Program, set up by the AT&T Foundry, was created so that developers could provide feedback during the early stages of API development and offer ideas for new APIs. The program should help in increasing collaboration and innovation of Alpha APIs and third-party apps.

API Platform Updates

AT&T announced several platform updates at the Developer Summit in Las Vegas including:

  • Pricing for API Calls is now $99 per year for one million API calls per month on the AT&T API Platform.
  • Current AT&T APIs are now available to millions of additional developers due to new toolkits available through Microsoft Visual Studio, Salesforce and other software platforms.

David Christopher, AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer, is quoted as saying in the press release that:

"The best customer experience comes from the combination of great devices and the nation's largest 4G network– with the best apps and services running on them. Today's developer summit and our API platform announcements are proof that AT&T is firmly committed to the support and success of developers."

To view all of the AT&T APIs currently available, please visit the AT&T Developer Program Website.

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