AT&T Expands Access to Mobility API Portfolio

AT&T recently announced expanded access to its mobility API portfolio for AT&T partners. The APIs let user partners pause/restart a particular service, manage billing, run reports, manage inventory, and manage customer plans. According to AT&T, solution providers using AT&T's Platform spend 85% of their time on account management, reporting and billing. AT&T hopes expanded API access to such services will reduce that number.

"Our API platform is helping solution providers enhance their automation capabilities," AT&T Vice President of marketing, pricing and product solutions, Sue Galvanek, commented. "They're likely to see greater speed, visibility, accuracy and control with these essential processes."

AT&T's mobility API portfolio touches on a wide range of mobile features common in the mobility space. From SMS and In-App Messaging, to IoT Data Plans and Entertainment Experience Suite, AT&T continues to innovate in a manner that empowers its partner community to focus on their own products and customer experiences.

An example of a tool within its API portfolio is AT&T M2X. M2X is a platform that enables data storage, device management, message brokering, event triggering, alarming, geo-fencing, and data visualization for IoT products and services. API access to M2X allows partners to easily push data to devices from app creation. Users can create API endpoints associated with device data so third parties can consume, mashup, or build on top of the data. Stay tuned for more API and IoT announcements from AT&T.

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