AT&T Pursues Telecom Industry API Opportunity, Launches Enterprise-Focused API Program

AT&T has announced the launch of a brand new enterprise-focused API program that allows enterprise customers and solution providers to use AT&T network APIs to create innovative new applications. AT&T has already launched a successful API program that provides developers access to nearly a dozen AT&T APIs including web services such as Call Management, In-App Messaging, Speech, SMS, and Location.


The launch of the new enterprise-focused API program helps AT&T to pursue a growing API opportunity in the telecommunications industry. The program is currently led by Laura Merling, VP of Ecosystems and Solutions at AT&T. In a recent tweet, Merling wrote:

"Goal for AT&T: all IP, all mobility, and all cloud network."

According to the press release, all together AT&T API programs currently generate more than 7.8 billion API calls per month. The new API program will allow an enterprise-based ecosystem to be created that is driven by AT&T APIs and platforms. AT&T Business Solutions CEO, Andy Geisse, states for the press release that:

"Working closely with our ecosystem of enterprise customers and solution providers, we have jointly identified core network capabilities that allow all of us to create differentiated services and solutions. We expect our work to result in a proliferation of innovative solutions that will help enterprise customers innovate, grow and become more productive."

For information about the types of APIs, platforms and solutions available, visit the official AT&T website.

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