Attach Google Drive files to Calendar Events with the Calendar API

Google has announced the live version of a Google Calendar API feature that allows users to attach Google Drive files to Calendar events. The feature has been available as a lab option, but Google has moved it to the stable channel. Drag and drop file attachments have long been available through calendar apps that enterprise customers typically utilize (e.g., Outlook, Novell, etc.). With Google Drive attachments, Google Calendar has added yet another feature that makes it attractive to both app developers and the enterprise.

Anything stored in Google Drive can be added to a Calendar event through the API (e.g., PDFs, meeting notes, booking confirmations, etc.). Google has provided a straightforward example on its blog announcement to demonstrate the Integration. First, an app calls file information from the Google Drive API. Next, the information is passed to an event modification via the Calendar API. This two-step process displays the files as part of the event.

Once the API is integrated, the User Interface to the functionality looks similar to any Google product that allows Google Drive file attachments. Users will see  “Drag files here” and “Select files from your computer” options. Google also included a feature to address document viewing control. If an event is shared with a party that lacks Google Drive viewing permission, the event creator will be notified and given the option to change viewing permission. 

Google has provided additional information via the guide and reference in the Google Calendar API docs. Google encourages those interested to reach out to the team with comments and questions on StackOverflow using the tag #google-calendar.  

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