Attendify API Helps Developers Create Event Apps

Event management can be achieved with much more finesse thanks to handy tools like dedicated apps. Attendify helps event coordinators to create their own private apps that enable them to share information, manage the event, create a social experience for users, build community and more. The platform focuses on providing effective apps that engage and create an exciting experience for users. The Attendify API provides the functionality necessary for developers to easily create these event-specific apps.

Attendify’s event app platform offers an easy app creation process. Users create a free account, choose the app they want to build (guide, social or multievent) and add their relevant data. The app is instantly ready and submitted within one business day. After five to seven days, it’s published to the App Store and Google Play. Event coordinators can then promote their apps (on a dedicated website, by email and on social media platforms) and manage the apps with features such as instant updates, social moderation, push messages and quick polls.

The Attendify public API accepts JSON and XML formats. For every event API created, users will need to provide an API endpoint where Attendify will fetch the the relevant event data. Developers can create a link between these endpoints and the Attendify application in the Developer Dashboard. To start using the API, developers first need to log in to the Developer Dashboard and accept the terms of service.

Further information is available on the company website.

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