AudienceScience Launches New API to Help Grow Programmatic Ad Buying

AudienceScience, a venture-backed ad tech company, last week announced the launch of an API that will help the advertisers using its demand-side Platform (DSP) more easily access ad inventory that can be purchased programmatically.

"For programmatic advertising to deliver the best results, advertisers need access to several supply partners, both to achieve scale and to hit their audience on appropriate sites," Jeff Hochberg, AudienceScience's VP of business development, explained in a news release. Currently, advertisers frequently have to request that the DSPs they use to manage their programmatic ad buying manually integrate with the supply-side platforms (SSPs) that publishers use to manage and sell their ad inventory.

For instance, if an advertiser wants the ability to programmatically purchase ad inventory from a particular publisher, it may have to request that its DSP perform a custom Integration with the SSP used by the publisher. This can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking. AudienceScience, with its new ASI Inventory API, aims to minimize the need for these custom integrations, a big deal for both buyers and sellers of digital ads.

As Richie Brown, director of demand sales at LiveRail, one of the first SSPs to integrate with AudienceScience's ASI Inventory API, explained, "Open API efforts, like this one spearheaded by AudienceScience, can provide tangible benefits for both sides of the ad buying equation." He went on:

By eliminating the need for lengthy, individual integrations with each supply partner, advertisers can access more available inventory faster, and supply partners, like LiveRail, are able to offer our publishers the opportunity to connect with buyers using the Gateway system, a win for all involved.

Standard APIs Key to Realizing the Promise of Programmatic Ad Buying

The market for buying and selling online ad inventory increasingly functions like a stock market, with buyers and sellers completing billions of dollars in transactions without so much as an email or phone call. This is logical: As more and more ad spending is allocated to digital, advertisers need more efficient ways of buying online ads and managing and optimizing their campaigns. High-touch transactions that require human involvement simply can't be scaled.

For this reason, many advertisers are looking to grow the volume of the ads they purchase programmatically. For example, as AdExchanger notes, one of the world's largest brand advertisers, Procter & Gamble, is known to be an AudienceScience client, and there are reports that it may automate a whopping three-quarters of its display ad buys by the end of the year.

To support this kind of volume, however, the platforms that buyers and sellers use to buy and sell inventory need to be able to communicate with each other. By creating a standard API that supply-side providers can use to make their inventory more readily available to advertisers, AudienceScience is helping to establish the "plumbing" that will enable this segment of the digital advertising industry to grow.

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