AudioMicro Extends Extensive Sound Library to Any Application

AudioMicro’s Stock Music and Sound Effects Library grants users access to over 300,000 sound files. The library includes a collection of sound effects and complete musical tracks which developers can access with the Audio Micro API. Spanning every musical genre (Aerobics to World) and fifty Sound Effect categories (Amusement to Whooshes), AudioMicro leader Brian Nimens described AudioMicro as an extensive sound “marketplace.”

The AudioMicro API enables developers to integrate rich sound elements into their apps. A single interface to a robust library of sounds eliminates the need to pull sound elements from multiple audio sources (e.g. MP3 files, CDs, recorded wave files, etc.). Instead, a developer can link their application directly to AudioMicro’s library and pull the needed sound files. AudioMicro’s customer list includes major players across multiple industries (e.g. Microsoft, Discovery Channel, CBS, Cisco, Random House, etc.).

The AudioMicro REST API utilizes a custom HTTP scheme. Authentication is handled by a keyed-HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code). API Integration allows partners to design applications (web, mobile, desktop) based off the AudioMicro interface. The sound effects library was created by the editors of Soundelux (used in movies such as Unstoppable, Inglorious Bastards, The Bourne Ultimatum and Braveheart).

The more senses an application appeals to, the more effective the application can be. Incorporating AudioMicro’s extensive sound library into an application simplifies the inclusion of sound and allows developers to create more engaging applications.

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