August Connect Web-Enables its Smart Lock with an API

August, a smart lock system provider, has announced August Connect. August Connect connects its August Smart Lock to the web, enabling web access and integration with third-party apps and devices. If this seems familiar, it is because we recently covered the release of the Okidokeys smart lock API, which certainly shares some similarities. 

While the August Smart Lock maintains its original Bluetooth functionality, August Connect web-enables the lock to allow remote access and remote monitoring of a home’s security. Alongside the August Connect launch, August announced an API that allows the August Smart Lock to work with trusted partners in the home security, home automation, and rental industries.

“With August Connect, August is expanding the range of functionality for our users, delivering new experiences around secure, intelligent access to the home....While the existing Bluetooth connectivity in the August Smart Lock allows it to be a truly offline, independent device, August Connect enhances that core offering with new benefits such as real-time and WiFi Internet connectivity,” August Chief Executive Officer Jason Johnson said in a press release.

Remote access to a deadbolt lock may initially seem counterintuitive. Why would a homeowner want to unlock his or her door when away from the house? However, there are many reasons for such functionality. Repair persons, dog walkers, family members, or friends may have a need to enter a house without the owner present. Without remote functionality, the homeowner would be required to provide a key to the person needing to enter or set up that person’s smartphone as a trusted phone for Bluetooth-enabled entry. August Connect gives the homeowner more control over who enters his or her house and when.

The API offering that pairs with August Connect expands the idea of a “smart home” as the deadbolt can now interact with other devices within the home. For example, August has partnered with Nest to coordinate a home’s deadbolts with the home’s HVAC system. When the lock is unlocked, the Nest thermostat changes its status to “Home,” which directs the HVAC system to start warming or cooling the house accordingly. Additional integration partners include SmartThings and Logitech Harmony.

August Connect is currently available for pre-order. The first deliveries are scheduled for mid-February. For those interested in an API partnership with August, email the team at The “smart home” continues to develop in theory and practice. Home security is an area ripe for innovation and August Connect is a wonderful example of such innovation.

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