Auphonic Delivers Industry First Audio Processing API

Auphonic was founded and developed by deeply talented sound engineers and technologists firmly rooted in all things audio. In its brief existence, Auphonic has developed a partner community dedicated to growing the sound technology world through education and research (i.e. PodloveScience Park GrazIEM, and Graz University of Technology).

Auphonic's website tells us that they:

"develop new algorithms in the area of music information retrieval and audio signal processing to create an automatic audio post production Web Service for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, audio books, lecture recordings, screencasts and more." Users upload sound files to Auphonic and its algorithms adjust the file (e.g. balancing, loudness, noise reduction, etc.) to produce a professional grade sound clip. Auphonic recently released an API that delivers all of its algorithms to the hands of developers. According to Auphonic, "this is the first public RESTful web API for direct audio signal processing."

Auphonic uses a REST protocol and JSON data format. The API allows developers to "write scripts for file-based, automated batch processing of audio files, to integrate Auphonic into your programs or to build third-party applications for Auphonic." The range of uses span from editing sound files from preset defaults to enabling full control through the UI.

Auphonic opened itself up to the public earlier this year. Since then, Auphonic has performed post-production services to podcasts, audio books, screencasts, the list goes on. Now that its services are available via API, developers can achieve professional grade sound within their apps and websites without hiring an engineer.

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