Australia's Victoria the Latest Government to Push APIs

The Government of Victoria, Australia recently announced an API Gateway and developer portal. The API Gateway allows various Victoria government agencies, and certain third-party sources, to consume and share data in real time. The API Portal grants developers access to the API Gateway. Further, through the portal, developers can integrate government data, browse a catalog of government provided/government trusted APIs, and view how government APIs are used.

"The Victorian Government takes an API-first approach," the government states on its API design principles site. "This approach favors the use of APIs in most Integration scenarios. We recommend including an API with every Victorian Government online service, where possible."

In its push for API adoption, Victoria is following the lead of many major governments around the world. Locally, the Victoria Government cites its Australian neighbor, New South Wales, as an example of how APIs can help position the government as a catalyst for innovation. Major international examples include the API push from the Obama administration under the Open Government Initiative, and the many open API regulations in Europe (primarily driven by open banking requirements).

Victoria is taking a multi-faceted approach in backing its API-first strategy. First, it has published a data integration framework that encourages API integration when possible. Second, it has published API Design Standards for government APIs on GitHub. The API Gateway is building an ecosystem of government and non-government entities that will share data and build solutions via APIs. Alongside the Gateway is an API catalog of resources whom the government has identified as trusted. Finally, the Developer Portal is the hub that brings all of these resources together and allows developers to easily navigate the ecosystem and various resources.

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