Auto Contact Updater Wins Rainmaker Identity API Contest

Rainmaker, which provides an identity API to get more information about a person’s email address, has declared the winners of its API contest. The month long challenge invited developers to make innovative applications based on the Rainmaker API and in the process earn fame and some cool prizes. Rainmaker also announced a new developer challenge that is expected to run in August.

The Rainmaker API is a REST based API that returns a wealth of information like demographics, job history, social network profiles and much more. All you need to do is provide an email address and it returns back the requested information. According to Rainmaker's announcement post, the challenge saw 12 applications submitted, of which three were selected as winners.

Enforcery, a CRM developed by Zvi Band and Jeff Carbonella, bagged first place. The application works in conjunction with Gmail, Google Apps and Rainmaker to automatically add your contacts and keep your contacts up to date.

The second place went to Rainchecker, a Chrome Browser Extension developed by Soe Thiha. It converts an email address on any website into contact information provided by the Rainmaker API. It also has a cool auto-fill feature where you can fill CRM forms on Highrise and Capsule with one click. That’s neat.

The third place went to InstaGallery, developed by Sachin Handiekar, which creates an image gallery from your Flickr/Picasa albums simply by taking in an email address. The photos are provided as part of meta information that Rainmaker API gives you.

There is more for developers in store. Rainmaker has announced a developer contest starting August 10 where you have the chance to submit applications. So take the API for the spin today to win cash prizes and an iPad 2. And check out ProgrammableWeb's contest page for more chances to compete with your developer skills.

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