Autodata Expands Automotive Technical Data API Offering

Autodata, worldwide motorcycle and automotive technical data provider, recently announced the most significant expansion to its Autodata API portfolio. Autodata teamed up with TIBCO Mashery to develop the Autodata Developer Portal. The portal provides access to over 70 APIs that include Autodata's massive database of diagnostic, repair, and servicing data for over 80 vehicle manufacturers.

"Over the past year we have managed to establish a seamless process that has allowed us to pass APIs through the Alpha and Beta stages to launch extremely efficiently and we are delighted to now be in a position where the vast majority of our content is available for business to integrate Autodata within their own solutions," Autodata CTO, Neil Brooks, commented in a BDaily article.

Autodata partnered with a select group of companies and developers to test the early APIs. After positive feedback on what they believe to be an intuitive and easily accessible portal, Autodata is ready to take its API portfolio to the broader developer community. Autodata expects the developer portal and associated APIs to expand its partner base and produce endless opportunities for innovation in both the B2B and consumer automotive markets.

Autodata APIs include over 40 years of aggregated automotive technical data. The flexibility of the APIs allows developers to access broad sets of data, or singularly specific data sets. The Developer Portal includes a Vehicle Selection API (available data includes manufacturer by country, vehicles by manufacturer, manufacturer and model, ID search, etc.) and a Content API (available data includes repair times, service schedule interval, service schedule operations, service indicators, etc.). For more information, check out the developer site.

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