Autodesk View and Data API Provides 2-D and 3-D Viewing for Apps

Autodesk, a 3-D design, engineering and entertainment software company, has provided an API that allows developers to add 2-D and 3-D viewing functionality to their Web apps. This means that users can view, zoom in and out, and interact with 2-D and 3-D models directly in the browser, without having to add a plug-in. It also means that developers can embed interactive 2-D and 3-D viewing into a Web app or blog. 

Here's what it can do:

  • With the REST and JavaScript API, it's simple to create apps.
  • Users upload a model via the API, and the Autodesk Web Service creates the viewing stream.
  • Users do not have to install CAD software, but get access to model and model components data in their Web apps. 
  • The service makes it possible to view detailed textures and clear visualizations, experience smooth navigation and access in-depth design data.
  • It also allows users to zoom, pan and interact with more than 60 design file formats.

To use the Autodesk View and Data API, developers will need to make use of a list of APIs provided by Autodesk, including the Authentication API, the Reference API, the Object Storage Service API, the Viewing Service API and the Viewing Service Client API. The first step is to register and create an application. Developers can use the Authentication API to receive an access token, which is required for all other API calls.

Further information is available on Autodesk's website.

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