Autogrow Releases API for its Greenhouse Smart Sensor

Autogrow, a maker of wireless smart sensors for greenhouses, has released an API. The API enables programmatic connectivity between Autogrow’s Folium sensor network and data from other farm-related sensors.

“Growers currently feel frustrated by not having systems that speak to each other,” Jonathan Morgan, Autogrow CTO, commented in a press release. “And the truth is that, until other large industry players also provide public APIs, growers are always going to be constrained in what they can do with their data. But we’re leading the charge.”

According to Morgan, many growers use spreadsheets and manual data entry to analyze their growing data. The API will directly connect disparate systems which increases the speed and accuracy of the data. Morgan continued: “[T]he API will give added efficiency to the process and unlock countless possibilities for external development of features and integrations.”

The Autogrow API is RESTful and uses a JSON data format. Through the intelligrow method, users can retrieve lists of devices, update devices, retrieve device configuration, update device configuration, retrieve device history data, retrieve device metrics, set device reminders, list a device schedule, set a device schedule, retrieve device state, and set a device state. Users can also retrieve user profiles, set user alerts, set language profiles, and set measurement preferences. Finally, the multigrow readings method allows users to get compartment current readings and readings history. To learn more, visit the API docs.

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