Automatically Ignore Trolls With Twitter’s New Hide Replies API Endpoint

In late 2019 Twitter announced Hide Replies, a new feature that was designed to allow users to choose which replies to their content are hidden from the conversation, requiring users to choose to view the reply. This troll taming functionality is now being exposed via API, allowing developers to automate the process.

The intended purpose of this functionality is to streamline conversations that might be otherwise derailed by pointless commentary. Providing this functionality via API may be especially useful for entities that generate a large number of replies, something that is difficult to manage manually. Twitter provided various companies with advanced access to the Endpoint and TechCrunch outlined several of the applications created with it. Jigsaw created an application that combines AI-powered sentiment analysis with Twitter’s Hide Replies endpoint. The resulting product will automatically hide replies that the AI determines to be too toxic. 

The new endpoint is available for use starting today, with access being made via Twitter Developer Labs, the company’s testing ground for new API endpoints, features, and versions. With the endpoints currently available only to Developer Labs users, interested developers will need to apply for access

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