Automotive Titling Corporation Launches Granular Fees API

Automotive Titling Corporation (ATC), title and registration data solution provider, has launched its ATC Granular Fees (AGF) API. The API provides users the ability to calculate tax rates, taxable value calculations, local flat taxes, and registration fees at a granular level. By “granular”, ATC means the level of detail that mirrors DMV receipts.

“ATC leads the in-state and out-of-state titling and registration services industry,” Damon Bennett, VP, Business Development for ATC, commented in a press release. “And with the ATC Granular Fees API, we’re able to drill down to the most granular level of registration fees and taxes, so our customers can have the most accurate information possible.”

API users can dynamically choose level of fees for the API response. That includes over a hundred fees in various jurisdictions. The fees can be broken down per line item or aggregated into a single number. It includes supporting data (e.g. differences from location to location). The API also covers certain qualification data (e.g. requirements for military waivers).

The API is RESTful. ATC authenticates and verifies title and registration data on a daily basis. DMV requirements are continually incorporated into the API backend. In addition to fees and rates, the API provides necessary Documentation (e.g. DMV applications and forms) specific to the relevant jurisdiction. To learn more, visit the API site.

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