Avalanche Launches API for Dating Site Network

Avalanche, operator of 22 different online dating websites, has launched an API for its affiliate program (Online Dating Cash). Avalanche worked with partner Lead Wrench, lead distribution Platform for internet marketers, to determine that API development fell under best practices when working with affiliate marketers. The API allows marketers to share data across multiple sites and allows consumers to join more than one site without having to repeat the tedious sign up process.

Meir Strahlberg, Avalanche CEO, commented:

"More than 25% of all online daters are paying members on multiple sites, so it made sense to partner with other dating properties and exchange traffic….In order to create a positive experience for online daters wishing to seamlessly join more than one site, we focused on our API, and this became a top priority. In addition to being the first integrated mainstream dating partner for Lead Wrench, we have established other strategic partnerships with affiliates and are in talks with a number of our online dating competitors."

Avalanche launched the API under beta about a year ago. Today, the user registration API is now processing about 15% of all sign ups. Avalanche fully intends that number to increase as the API goes public. Lead Wrench and Avalanche see this as a win for both companies as Avalanche provides a larger network of sites for potential leads, and Lead Wrench gives Avalanche an industry leader in affiliate marketing.

Online dating continues to increase in popularity, and the online dating trend is for users to subscribe to more than one site. Often, a user will register for one general site, and then at least one niche site that meets specific preferences. With Avalanche’s portfolio, an Avalanche operated site can usually satisfy both consumer needs. With the marketing power of Lead Wrench, and the data sharing capacity of the API, Avalanche can now streamline a multi-site registration.  

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