AvidMobile Offers Two-Way SMS Marketing API

AvidMobile, mobile marketing solutions provider, gives developers two-way access to its mobile marketing Platform through the AvidMobile API. The two-way approach to an API strategy allows AvidMobile users to better engage targets and track success. The API is available to build a custom app upon, or users can simply send and receive SMS messages from existing apps.

AvidMobile CEO, Rob Clifton, sees the API as part of simple, straightforward business model:

"Who we are...is a marketing company that has used technology to be able to accomplish the goals of a lot of leading brands....Unfortunately or fortunately, when you sell technology, you aren't selling technology. You're selling ROI."

The AvidMobile two-way API looks to address Clifton's ROI comment. By interacting with customers and potential customers in the most abrupt, quickest form of communication, a two-way SMS conversation can pinpoint the most effective messaging and build returns on marketing campaigns. For those interested in increasing an SMS marketing strategy, or any mobile marketing strategy, join Clifton on one of his frequent webinars.

The AvidMobile API uses SOAP protocol and returns calls in an XML data format. Through the API, apps can send and receive SMS, create and modify keyword or response, get keyword comments, RSS Feed to text, get usage data, and more. For more information, visit the API site and register for a free trial.

Mobile marketing is not only here, it is growing. Companies big and small, old and new are looking to refine a mobile marketing strategy. Recent IPOs have focused investor pitches on growing mobile marketing strategies. SMS is as mobile as it gets and AvidMobile's two-way API can empower any app needing SMS functionality.

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