Avocado Best Served As Guacamole: An API For Couples Apps

Imagine having a dedicated app designed specifically for you and your partner. Upload images, create to-do lists, cross items off the list, send private messages and more. Well, now it's a reality; there's a new-ish kid on the block and it calls itself the couple app. Avocado is one of the most recent in the line of couple apps, developed by ex-Google employees, Chris Wetherell and Jenna Bilotta. With the Avocado API developers will get a chance to see what they can create.

The idea was to create something that would be an extension of the way couples actually interact with each other. In addition to the basic features, Avocado allows users to send "quick notes" and also includes a "quick faces" feature which replaces normal emoticons with actual facial expressions from each partner.

What makes this one stand out from the general couple apps crowd is that it offers identity verification and advanced Encryption, preventing impersonators from logging in. Couples will have to provide a shared password when connecting with each other.

Mobile sharing for couples is on the rise, and in anticipation of this, Avocado has released an API and toolkit; Guacamole. By making this API available, Avocado are enabling developers to experiment and create new services for couples, discover what works best, expand apps to new platforms etc.

The team are open to seeing this developed further, but that's not without some degree of security. Developers will need to explain how they wish to use the tools before they are granted access. Developers who are interested in using the Guacamole toolkit can get the Documentation they need on the Avocado website.

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