Avolution Adds Enhanced API to ABACUS Toolset

Avolution, enterprise architecture software provider, has announced version 5.2 of its ABACUS tool. A key addition to the latest version is an enhanced REST API. ABACUS specializes in consolidating data from various business resources (e.g. Excel, Visio, SharePoint, etc.) for analysis, and the enhanced API streamlines ABACUS' capabilities and usefulness.

"Our focus on making data access and Integration quick and easy for ABACUS users continues, with the addition of an enhanced REST API," Avolution's Vice President of Operations, Grant Quick, commented in a press release. "By using a stateless protocol, this API simplifies external integrations significantly. It allows data from a huge range of common sources to be exchanged with ABACUS, via open standards."

Avolution believes that enterprise architects act as the hub between IT and business strategy, and hold the keys to unlocking value in all aspects of the business. ABACUS acts as the toolset to drive effective enterprise architecture and an effective REST API is key to cracking open the massive datasets that businesses are currently creating.

The API allows developers to create custom scripts, reports and queries. The API opens integration capabilities to a massive range of common data sources. This will provide more data than the current adaptor integrations with Excel, Visio, SharePoint, Google Sheets, Microsoft OneDrive, ServiceNow, Technopedia and CMDBs. To get started, or learn more, check out the ABACUS site.

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