AWR Launches v2 of its Cloud Developer API

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR), online rank tracking solution provider, has released v2 of its AWR Cloud Developer API. v2 was largely based on developer suggestions and feedback. AWR designed v2 to help users increase productivity and allow users to focus on their applications as opposed to tracking rank. New features include new calls for search console and visibility data, estimated ranking updates on-demand, bulk project removal, support for response calls, new report columns, support for add/remove keyword groups, and more.

In an attempt to extend the data provided to users, v2 has added Google Search Console account data, and Visibility values based on keywords and tracked search engines. User data is stored as soon as a user connects a Cloud project and the search console account. The data includes impressions, clicks, average rank and CTR for a specified device and time frame. Visibility data can now be directly called through the API; historically, users had to replicate the calculation formula.

AWR users have always valued the on-demand update request feature. Accordingly, AWR has added two new calls to access the feature. First, the API can call an estimate on demand (i.e. users see how many resources an on-demand update consume from the quota). Second, the API can call on-demand rankings for an application (i.e. the actual rankings update is provided).

To speed up clean-up and organization, users can now remove projects in bulk through the API. The feature should help streamline seasonal campaigns or temporary campaigns for prospecting. Once a project is complete, users can export the data and delete the project in a single action.

v1 only allowed for returns in plain text format. v2 offers the option for JSON responses. To see an entire list of response codes, visit the Response Messages section of the docs. New columns for existing reports include current visits (i.e. the value of organic visits from Google Analytics), and Page (i.e. the SERP page where the ranking URL was found). New support for add/remove keyword groups allows users to change the properties if inputs for a project without changing the inputs themselves. To learn more about new v2 features, visit the AWR blog announcement.

For those concerned about upgrading from v1, AWR has no immediate plans to turn v1 off. However, AWR recommends transitioning to v2. For developers who need assistance with the transition, AWR suggests reaching out to the support team. AWR looks forward to hearing thoughts and feedback from the developer community, and continues to be open to improvement requests.

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