AWS Cloud Development Kit now Generally Available

Amazon has announced the general availability of its AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for TypeScript and Python. Amazon first announced its CDK last year as a preview. The idea behind the CDK is to allow administrators to manage infrastructure as code. In doing so, admins can keep infrastructure and application code in the same repository, make infrastructure changes repeatable and predictable as they change infrastructure environments, conduct continuous testing more easily, use the same tools to update applications and infrastructure, and leverage software development best practices in managing infrastructure.

"Personally I really like that by using the AWS CDK, you can building your application, including the infrastructure, in your IDE, using the same programming language and with the support of autocompletion and parameter suggestion that modern IDEs have built-in, without having to do a mental switch between one tool, or technology, and another," Danilo Poccia, Evangelist at AWS, commented in a blog post announcement.

Traditionally, a code-based approach to infrastructure management has been executed through YAML or JSON text files. This approach is limited because it disallows access to features in modern programming languages. Using the AWS CDK approach, administrators and developers can utilize their favorite programming languages and exploit all of its features when managing infrastructure.

The TypeScript and Python versions of the SDK are now generally available. The CDK is open source. Those looking to contribute can participate at GitHub. Amazon has published sample uses for both TypeScript and Python in the blog post announcement. Check out the AWS CDK here.

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