AWS CloudTrail Metrics Integrates With CloudWatch Alerts

Amazon Web Services has announced that CloudTrail now integrates with CloudWatch Logs. CloudTrail is a tool that records API activity throughout an AWS account and and stores it as a log file in an AWS bucket. With CloudWatch, developers can now store and monitor client side application log files in addition to their API in order to monitor overall metrics, and disperse notifications based off predetermined metrics.

If certain API activity captured by CloudTrail supersedes set thresholds, CloudWatch will trigger email notifications to be sent to aid with quick responsiveness and troubleshooting.  A recent post on the AWS blog explains how one would use CloudTrail to monitor denied API access and increase a CloduWatch metric. When a certain threshold is reached, the alarm will ping to automatically send an email to the user. CloudTrail is currently accepting feedback, with the goal to learn what APIs and API functionalities developers are interested in monitoring. 

Also on the radar are two AWS partners, CloudNexa and Graylog2, that have announced analytic tools for visualizing CloudTrail log files. The interfaces can be used to perform processes such as sorting events by relevance, and combining Cloud Trail with application logs for searching large quantities of data. 

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CloudTrail Integration with CloudWatch Logs; 2 Partner Solutions