AWS DeepLens is Available for Pre-Order on

AWS DeepLens, Amazon’s deep learning-enabled video camera for developers, is now available for pre-order on The release date is June 14, 2018, at the time of publication.

AWS DeepLens is a fully programmable video camera designed for developers who want to learn how to use deep learning. Deep learning is an area of Machine Learning, and it generally refers to algorithms that are used as a method of learning in neural networks. The camera is optimized to run machine learning models, and it comes with a number of tools that allow developers at all skill levels to get started quickly. Among those tools are pre-trained models, tutorials, and code.

The initial release of the camera will include six sample projects. The camera is also integrated with a number of AWS services including (but not limited to) Amazon Rekognition for advanced image analysis and video analytics, Amazon SageMaker for building custom models, and Amazon Polly for creating speech-enabled projects. It should be noted that Amazon Alexa is not included with AWS DeepLens at this time.

Amazon is using Apache MXNet as the machine learning Framework for AWS DeepLens. Apache MXNet is one of many deep learning frameworks available today. Among those frameworks are Tensorflow, Caffe, and H2O.

For more information about AWS DeepLens visit the official product page on the AWS website or the product page (to pre-order).

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