AWS Introduces API Specification for Securing On-Demand and Live Video

AWS recently announced the Secure Packager and Encoder Exchange (SPEKE). SPEKE is an open and extensible API specification. It was created to simplify the Integration of digital rights management (DRM) with encoders, transcoders, and encryptors. The specification aims to maintain protected communication, while speeding development time needed for live and on-demand streaming video solutions.

"SPEKE simplifies DRM integration to a single secure API," Michael Callahan, AWS Elemental Head of Media Solutions Marketing, commented in a press release. "Any SPEKE-enabled DRM key server works with any SPEKE-enabled encryptor out of the box without the need for proprietary integration."

Historically, custom APIs, on a one to one basis, were required between DRM solutions and the designated encryptor. The SPEKE specification aims to eliminate this one-off, customization requirement and replace the old with a standardized method. SPEKE-enabled servers and encryptors should greatly improve time to market for services regardless of consumption method (on-premises, cloud, hybrid, etc.).

SPEKE is built on the DASH Industry Forum's Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX) standard. The API specification supports HLS, MSS and DASH packaging. Many DRM platforms (e.g. Apple FairPlay Streaming, Microsoft PlayRead, Google Widevine, AES-128 and more) are already supported. For more details, check out the SPEKE site.

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