AWS Introduces App Builder for Non-Coders: Honeycode

This week, Amazon announced the beta release of Honeycode. Honeycode is Amazon's version of an app builder for non-coders. With Honeycode, customers use an intuitive visual app builder to create interactive web and mobile apps. The project has been in the works for years, and Amazon tested the product with its own employees before this beta release.

"This new fully-managed AWS service gives you the power to build powerful mobile & web applications without writing any code," Jeff Barr, AWS Chief Evangelist, commented in a blog post announcement. "It uses the familiar spreadsheet model and lets you get started in minutes. If you or your teammates are already familiar with spreadsheets and formulas, you'll be happy to hear that just about everything you know about sheets, tables, values, and formulas still applies."

The new product looks to be targeting internal business users. Amazon's internal testing, and the current marketing pitch, is bent towards building applications to track and manage ordinary business processes: process approvals, scheduling events, customer relationship management, surveys, to-do lists, inventory tracking, etc. Although Honeycode is built for non-coders, developers can connect Honeycode to third party applications through Honeycode APIs. API functions include retrieving data from any Honeycode application screen, and invoking automated action defined in the screen of a Honeycode application.

Honey is free to get started and up to 20 users. For larger users, Plus and Pro plans are available for $19.99 and $29.99 per month. Check out the Honeycode site to learn more, and engage with other users on the Honeycode Community.

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