AWS Mobile SDK for Unity Now Available

Amazon has launched the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. Unity, the popular cross-platform game development environment, allows developers to build a 2-D or 3-D game in C# and run the game across devices and platforms. The AWS Mobile SDK allows games written in Unity to call various AWS services (e.g., Amazon Cognito; Amazon Simple Storage Service, or S3; Amazon DynamoDB; and Amazon Mobile Analytics). Developers can use the SDK to build games that run on both iOS and Android devices.

Late last year, Amazon announced a developer preview of the SDK for Unity. After a positive developer response and constructive feedback, Amazon has launched full availability with added service access (e.g., Mobile Analytics) and other enhancements. To assist developers, Amazon has launched a Unity-specific developer guide

Those interested can find source code at GitHub. Games can benefit from AWS service access in a variety of ways. Cognito identity allows guest access with seamless transition to authenticated access via Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google or other providers compatible with OpenID Connect. Cognito Sync stores user preferences to deliver consistent experiences across devices. S3 stores and retrieves game assets. DynamoDB stores and retrieves JSON documents. Mobile Analytics collects and analyzes usage data.

Amazon seems to have made a practice out of launching AWS Mobile SDKs for popular programming languages. The strategy has proved quite successful for Amazon to attract developers, and developers are able to utilize the impressive portfolio of Amazon services to enhance app experiences. If you are considering game development, chances are Unity is at least an option. Amazon's latest Mobile SDK should make Unity even more attractive than it already is.

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