AWS Summits To Hit 12 Cities This Year

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is on a roll this year. With price cuts, introduction of new services and management tools, they have set the foundation for continuing to dominate the IaaS space. Their latest announcement was AWS OpsWorks, an integrated management tool for  Resource provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, monitoring, and access control. With the range of services that they provide, it becomes a little difficult for new developers to navigate through their offerings and also for experienced devs to take advantage of them.

To address that, AWS Developer Evangelists are on a mission. They will hold AWS Summits in 12 cities across the year, starting on April 18 in New York City with the last stop in Sau Paulo, Brazil. The AWS Summit is a 1-day free developer event with a keynote and then breakout sessions, depending on your level of expertise with AWS. The sessions will cover AWS service overviews, deep dives, use cases, best practices for advanced users, and architecture. As a sample, check out the program schedule for the first summit in New York. A day prior to the event is a paid technical bootcamp where you can get hands-on with AWS services.

The list of cities that will see AWS Summits are: New York CityLondonSydneySan Francisco,  Berlin,  Tokyo,  Mumbai,  Paris,  Delhi,  Bangalore, Singapore, and São Paulo. The exact dates for some of the locations is still being worked out and it would be advisable to sign up at their site to get notified when details emerge. The blog post also indicates that each summit will have a AWS Cloud Kata, a full day of live demos of the latest cloud computing best practices.

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