Axway Announces Changes to its AMPLIFY Platform

Axway has announced changes to its AMPLIFY platform which include modifications to API management, application development, file transfer, and analytics capabilities.

The changes to API management capabilities include new API Builder Orchestration functionality that aims to help simplify the process of building and orchestrating API integrations. In addition, API Manager capabilities have been tweaked to allow for auto scaling of resources. Building connectors to use with APIs is now promised to be simpler with the new Connector Builder and new API Central Service.

Changes to application development include new Hyperloop technology (Hyperloop is a technology that provides direct access, using JavaScript, to native Android and iOS APIs) added to the Titanium SDK, a new Node.js server and a new IDE plug-in that the company claims will enhance local development capabilities and allow for greater flexibility when developing cross-platform applications.

Axway hopes to have improved file transfer capabilities with the addition of new data loss prevention enhancements and a new Syncplicity connector for use cases that involve hybrid managed file transfer (MFT). The latest release of Axway AMPLIFY also includes a new Technology Preview of Query Builder Analytics, a new analytics feature that allows for ad hoc query of mobile statistics.

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