Axway Unveils AMPLIFY Streams for Event-Driven Data Streaming

Axway, provider of a hybrid Integration and content collaboration Platform called AMPLIFY, has announced a new feature, AMPLIFY Streams, that allows any API to be turned into an event-driven data stream without server-side code.

The company says that event-driven data streaming is gaining popularity because of the growth of IoT applications and microservices, and can not only reduce bandwidth use and cost, but also improve end- User Experience. According to Axway's SVP of engineering, David McKenna, "To support real-time reactive client experiences, modern architectures need to evolve beyond traditional synchronous request-response APIs."

The technology behind AMPLIFY Streams comes from, a French software publisher that Axway acquired in March. At the time, the company said that the acquisition would allow "integration and application leaders to evolve beyond just supporting request-response APIs, to now supporting real-time and event-driven use cases" and with AMPLIFY Streams it would appear that the company hopes to deliver on that promise.

Disclosure: MuleSoft, parent company to ProgrammableWeb, is a competitor to the companies mentioned in this article.

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