AYLIEN Launches Machine Learning and NLP-Driven News API

AYLIEN, a natural language processing and data services provider, has launched a machine learning and natural language processing (NLP)-driven news API that allows users to search, source, and index news and blog content from across the Web in real time. This is just the latest machine learning and NLP-driven service offered by the company. Last year, AYLIEN formed a partnership with Imagga to offer a hybrid text and image analysis service. The service uses computer vision (an application of machine learning) and NLP to analyze text and images on a Web page simultaneously in order to better understand the content of that page.

Screenshot of the AYLIEN News API demo - Insights.

The AYLIEN News API allows developers to build content-driven applications with access to an enriched, real-time news data source. The AYLIEN platform uses machine learning, NLP, and other advanced technologies to monitor, crawl, and index thousands of news sources from across the Web in real time. The News API can be used to search, filter, and extract specific data from these news sources. Queries can be built with a variety of data points including (but not limited to) entities, sentiment, topics, categories, time, location, and language.

The News API leverages thousands of news sources to provide a variety of insights that can be visualized. The types of insights that can be provided for each news story include social media performance over time, sentiment and category breakdown. Historical data is provided for the previous 60 days and histograms can be created about a specific query, author, outlet, or vertical. The platform also features word cloud capabilities that can be used to show the most-used keywords or entities for a specific time period.

Developers can find interactive API documentation (powered by Swagger) and code snippets (JavaScript, Python, PHP, Go, C#, and Ruby) for the News API on the AYLIEN website. For more information about the AYLIEN News API, visit https://newsapi.aylien.com/.

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