AYLIEN Releases New Text Analysis SDKs

AYLIEN, a natural language processing (NLP) services and API provider, has announced the release of new SDKs designed to help developers quickly and easily integrate the AYLIEN Text Analysis API with their applications. This first set of new SDKs includes Node.js, Python, Ruby and PHP, and the company plans to release SDKs for other languages in early 2015.


Image credit: AYLIEN

The company released the AYLIEN Text Analysis API in February as a set of eight Machine Learning, natural language processing and information-retrieval APIs. The set of eight APIs provides capabilities such as:

  • Article Extraction — Strips documents of any unnecessary elements such as ads and navigation.
  • Article Summarization — Summarizes text by extracting key sentences.
  • Classification — Tags text with metadata from up to 500 categories.
  • Entity Extraction — Lists organizations, phone numbers, etc., found in document text.
  • Concept Extraction — Provides Linked Data for topics mentioned, including semantic types and URIs.
  • Language Detection — Detects the language of a document.
  • Sentiment Analysis — Analyzes document text and summarizes the tone or sentiment.
  • Hashtag Suggestion — Automatically suggests relevant hashtags for use and engagement with social media.

According to an article published on the 3scale blog, the AYLIEN Text Analysis API has nearly 200 users around the world, and the number is steadily growing. This set of Node.js, Python, Ruby and PHP SDKs is just the first; the company plans to release SDKs for Java, C# and Go early next year. Parsa Ghaffari, CEO and founder of AYLIEN, says in the announcement blog post:

We believe that many industries and businesses could benefit from NLP and Text Analytics, and we’ve made it our mission to make it easier for everyone to tap into these technologies to create smarter and more efficient tools and applications that will change the way their industry works. Our SDKs are an important step in this direction, and enable any developer to add the smarts of AYLIEN’s Text Analysis API to their applications.

Developers interested in using the AYLIEN suite of Text Analysis APIs can sign up for an API Key on the AYLIEN website.

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