AYLIEN to Offer Hybrid Text and Image Analysis Service

AYLIEN, a natural language processing (NLP) services provider, has just announced that the company has partnered with Imagga to offer a hybrid text and image analysis service. The partnership with Imagga allows AYLIEN to add image analysis capabilities to the company’s existing text and media analysis APIs. The company will soon release the AYLIEN Image Analysis API which is capable of quickly processing and tagging large groups of images.


Image Credit: AYLIEN

The AYLIEN hybrid text and image analysis service allows text and images to be analyzed simultaneously which improves the classification accuracy of articles and other documents. In the event that text cannot be analyzed properly, the service allows images to be used for categorization.

The AYLIEN hybrid text and image analysis service also reduces ambiguity in text. Words that have multiple meanings need to be analyzed based on context. The AYLIEN hybrid text and image analysis service is capable of analyzing text and image context simultaneously which allows the categorization capabilities of the API to be extremely accurate. For example, an article or tweet could contain the word Apple but may not provide enough context to determine if the word is referring to the fruit or the company. However, if an image is included in that article or tweet, it can be used to determine the context and can then be correctly categorized.

Parsa Ghaffari, AYLIEN founder and CEO, is quoted in the press release as saying "In today's media, text and images are two sides of the same coin and must be analyzed and understood in tandem to get a holistic view of what's going on in the world. There's a strong demand among our customers for image analysis capabilities, and after evaluating a number of potential partners Imagga came out on top. We're quite similar as companies in many ways and share the same values and goals. This is just the first of many more hybrid solutions to come."

The upcoming AYLIEN Image Analysis API utilizes Machine Learning technology and deep learning algorithms which allow the API to identify up to 6,000 distinct objects, concepts and facial expressions in images. The API is capable of analyzing and auto-tagging high volume streams of media content in real time and provides confidence scores that express the certainty of the analysis.

We reached out to Parsa Ghaffari who told ProgrammableWeb that AYLIEN has partnered up with, and licensed Imagga's technology and that the company will be offering Imagga's image tagging APIs and AYLIEN's APIs together, similar to a bundle. "We're also collaborating on a few app ideas with deep integrations between the two APIs" said Ghaffari.

The AYLIEN hybrid text and image analysis service as well as the Image Analysis API will initially be available only on the paid API plans. Ghaffari told ProgrammableWeb that "Initially it's only available on paid plans but we're hoping to make it available to our free users as well. We are currently working on a media analysis solution that is empowered by both Text and Image Analysis APIs."

AYLIEN also recently added two new API endpoints; unsupervised classification and microformats extraction. The unsupervised classification Endpoint can categorize text based on labels specified by the user. The microformats extraction endpoint allows any microformatted data found on a web page to be extracted.

The AYLIEN hybrid text and image analysis service and Image Analysis API are coming soon. For more information about AYLIEN natural language processing and image analysis APIs, visit AYLIEN.com

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