Aylien's Text Analysis API Makes Sense of the Internet

The Internet is a ransacked library with piles of books and manuscripts reaching up to the ceiling and beyond. If you want to know what people are saying about you, your product or your business, how do you find the relevant information? Aylien, a startup based in Dublin, has the answer. The company has just released a text analysis API that lets you mine huge volumes of raw text for useful information.

The Aylien Text Analysis API has eight endpoints to help semantic developers extract meaning and insight from web documents in real time. The endpoints are as follows:

  • Article extraction: If the text you want is embedded in a lot of ads, images, videos and whatnot, this endpoint is for you. It extracts the main body of an an article without the clutter.
  • Article summarization: If you only want the main gist of a story, this endpoint plucks a few key sentences out of an article to summarize the basic ideas.
  • Classification: This endpoint classifies a piece of text according to the IPTC NewsCode standard, which allows for consistent coding of news metadata.
  • Entity extraction: This endpoint extracts named entities (people, organizations, products and locations) and values (URLs, emails, telephone numbers, currency amounts and percentages) from within the body of text.
  • Concept extraction: Mapping words to concepts is not an easy task. This endpoint uses sophisticated techniques to grasp the main idea of a story.
  • Language detection: Turkish, French, Spanish, English? This endpoint figures out what language a document is written in and matches it to an ISO 639-1 code.
  • Sentiment analysis: What is the tone of the story? Is it positive or negative? Is it objective or is this an opinion piece? This endpoint will suss it out for you.
  • Hashtag suggestion: Picking the right hashtag is important if you want people to find your story on social media. This endpoint suggests a list of hashtags that will help you maximize exposure.

The Aylien Text Analysis API is a REST available through Mashape. The API is free for up to 1,000 calls per day. Beyond that, it costs between $200 to $1,400 per month depending on your needs.

By Amy Castor. Amy is a freelance writer for ProgrammableWeb.com. You can reach her at amycastor6@gmail.com. Connect to Amy on Twitter at @ahcastor

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